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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

First mishap

Some of the locks are quite scary and you have to cross the gates to do the paddles in the other side with maybe a 15 drop with only a little bar to hold on to. So I was a bit hesitant. After being called a bit of a fairy I was quite amused when John tripped on the gunwale , dipped his feet in the water and scraped his bum on the wall, but managed to scramble back onto the boat. Sobered up though when we realised how serious it could have been as he was between the boat and the wall of the lock and might have been crushed. More care needed. 3points of contact at all times is the new mantra. 8.30hours cruising and 16locks. Ouch!!

Monday, 29 April 2013

More fenders needed!

Day 2and we are just north of Leicester in a village called birstall. We have improved since day1. Much better at managing locks Not exactly a well oiled machine yet but getting there. We have been helped along the way by a guy called jason who has had his boat for 30 years. It's much easier going through the locks in pairs, sharing the work.
People are friendly so far and willing to help out. John has also done his good deed for the day by rescuing a cycling helmet from a very steep bank. So steep that we had to get a rope for him to climb back up.
24 locks tomorrow. . Better gather strength!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

New beginnings

I wonder how many of us could condense their lives and possessions down to two car loads. It makes you really think about what you can and can't live without. As we packed each item the question asked was"does it deserve boat space?" and if the answer was yes, the next question was"where will it go?" Very pleased to report that everything we brought on board now has a home and there are even a few empty cupboards! Off to buy a folding bike and an iPad now:)