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Sunday, 18 October 2015

The end is nigh

So after two and a half years we are nearly at the end of our travels. After lots of debate we have decided to head for home territory and try to sell the boat ourselves. We figured that there's nothing to lose so we've bought a winter mooring in Cassiobury park in Watford and will advertise it so that we can do our own viewings. Fingers crossed ! 
Time to reflect now on our experiences. In the last month we have really enjoyed the Thames. We joined it at Oxford, then went west to Lechlade. Some very peaceful and beautiful stretches of river and some very naughty cows! After retracing our steps back to Oxford and beyond, we passed through some lovely villages. Mum and dad joined us for a few days from Abingdon to Goring but sadly they didn't bring their customary good weather with them. Only one sunny day but lots of great pub meals, drinks and laughs. 
Then it got very upmarket. But I have to say that I really enjoyed the stretch from Reading through to Windsor. Lots of places to stop for a mooch round the shops and a catch up with friends. Lovely to see Sue in Marlow and the Rackhams in Windsor. Also celebrated Mollie's birthday at Cote in Windsor with Sarah and Charlie. We managed to bag the only free mooring in Windsor just down from Cote twice! 
From Windsor it was an easy cruise down to Brentford with a quick visit from Natasha at Teddington  then back on familiar (but not very pretty) waters on the Grand Union Canal. Now our main topic of conversation is when to come off the boat. We have already moved loads of stuff and off the boat and really we should be getting on with future plans but something is keeping us from making the final departure. Maybe because the weather has been so good for October. 
Happy days:)