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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Almost there!

Nearly 2weeks since we got back from the states and we can finally say that the boat is looking really good. Just needs a final wash down and polish tomorrow then photos will be taken. Meanwhile we have been getting to know some of the locals. Tony and Eve who have been on the canal for 36 years. Tony is now dying from cancer in his neck and has been given special permission to stay in the same place. Then there is Mike and Ian who look identical but are not related. Mike found John's glasses (he left them by the lock the day before ) and by a string of happy coincidences he was reunited with them in the afternoon ! We bumped into them again later that evening with their dogs and Stellas! And we got chatting.
Still in Harefield and it was lovely to see Ronnie and Denise on Monday night for a few beers, food, chat and a quick crochet lesson for Denise. 
Probably moving down to Denham tomorrow for a change of scenery. It will be nice to get moving again.  Photos on blog tomorrow I hope:)

Thursday, 20 June 2013

The wanderers return

After a wonderful stay in the USA we are back on board and almost ready to set off. The boat is looking much tidier after its mini makeover (despite some frustrating weather) and we are feeling quite proud of her now. Due to lots of social commitments in July we have revised our plans. Probably staying in the  south on the Thames/ Kenneth and Avon canals/Oxford canal until winter sets in. Although these ideas are constantly changing!
Since we have been home we have had some memorable days. Father's Day on Sunday was lovely for John with both Sarah and Dominique on board not forgetting mollie! Lots of beer, fun, laughter and a little chug along the canal. 
I know I have attached 2 of the same photo but can't seem to delete it! Oh we'll. . It's a good one:)