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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Keep meaning to write....

Really I do but never seem to get round to it. As I write this I am awaiting a text from my ex teaching partner and good friend Paula who move up north near Leeds quite a long time ago. We have already had a quick catch up but now she is coming aboard for a couple of nights with her husband Ismail and son Cem. 
Since the last blog we haven't travelled that much. York was great and was beginning to feel like home after ten days. Next we went to Ripon which us is far north as you can get on the main canal network. We had a few days off the boat; train trip to Whitby for the day then a surprise visit to the North Yorkshire moors for an overnight stay in a lovely cottage courtesy of Robert and Stefan (some more friends made in Vietnam ). Another day was spent on the north  York moors railway. Lovely!

We have just got back from France and the most beautiful wedding I think I have ever been to. Massive congratulations to Sophie and David. A great time was had by all!!! 

This weekend we are looking forward to visitors from Wales. Dave and Anna will be joining us for a week for the apparently spectacular stretch of canal from Leeds to skipton. Can't wait guys!!

The next big event will be johns operation scheduled for 18th August. It can't come quick enough for him. He's still in a lot of pain and getting worse day by day. No boating for us for at least 2 weeks after the op. Planning to be in Bushey for a week then maybe Nice? 

Never a dull moment!