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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Boat trouble

Well, not exactly trouble but a certain delay. The boat is out of the water having a repair. A new cutlass bearing was needed but it also transpired that the shaft was worn out! Just our luck that there is only one company supplying the size we need so we are waiting.... Meanwhile we will miss the next time the crane is available so won't be back in the water until the first week of June. Getting a bit frustrated now .. want to get going. 

On the plus side we have had a lovely week or so in the south west. First a few days in Cornwall with some wild and windy weather. But bright and sunny with it. Next on to Solva in South Wales to see John's running friend Dave Swan.  Really loved Solva. Such spectacular scenery and we were made to feel very welcome by Dave and the locals. 

Then back to London for a gig at the 100 club, Ricky canal festival and Tom's 18th birthday party with all the family. Oh and a short but sweet visit to see Helen of Pelham:)  en route to Stansted to collect Hannah. 1000 miles in 10 days. Phew!!

Monday, 5 May 2014

Pretty villages

Twelve days after leaving Apsley we have arrived in Nottingham after passing through some lovely canal side villages. Alrewas was beautiful and this picture of the lock at Shardlow doesn't really do it justice. At Burton on Trent we had a surprise meeting with Roger and Pat Filler on "The Cats Whiskers" who we met last year in Hertford and again in Rickmansworth. Great to catch up with their winter adventures and compare notes. 
After the boat has had a few jobs done we will be heading north and are determined to slow the pace down. We always seem to be under time pressure and that was not the plan. So from now on, more time to take the bikes, explore, learn and discover. That's after a quick trip to Cornwall for a party and while we're down there a slight detour to South Wales. Did I say we are slowing down??