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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Back in the swing

Just over a week now back on the cut and all is well apart from a minor incident involving a hire boat which managed to turn completely the wrong way and straight into our bow. Sadly I was at the tiller at the time and couldn't avoid the collision. It didn't sound or feel too bad at the time but it did leave a dent which John is working on. 
We are at Fazeley junction having come up the Grand Union to Norton Junction with the Oxford Canal then on to the Coventry Canal. There are 3 pubs in Fazeley and each one has a handful of men standing quietly at the bar except the one we are in which has two very drunk women dancing and singing to old seventies music;  Quite entertaining really. 
As we came through Rugby I managed to catch up with my cousin Valerie who I haven't seen for many years so lots to talk about. 

Some lovely scenery along the way. It's a shame the camera doesn't always capture what the eye can see but here's a few. 

Monday, 21 April 2014

Here we go again

Time to resurrect the blog as we leave tomorrow to explore uncharted waters - well the Grand Union Canal again! 
We have spent the winter in safety and security in Apsley marina near Hemel Hempstead and have to say that there were times this winter when we were very glad that we were not out on the cut. No floods reached anywhere near us and we even escaped the mud and mire of the towpaths. Apart from the incessant rain it's been fine in the boat. Really warm and cozy with the stove alight most days and hardly any sub zero temperatures. 
We managed to sneak in a week in the sun in Egypt before Christmas. Then a surprise trip to Vietnam ( a very long story, too long for this blog but have a look at )
After that a quick trip to Ohio for me to see Laura and John went skiing in France. 
We had every intention of leaving at the beginning of April but, as ever, events transpired to prevent that. ( maintenance issues at John's house in Oldham ) so three weeks and a complete house redecoration later we are making final preparations to leave. A good spring clean inside and outside, stocking up the larder, filling up with the last of the cheap diesel and we are ready to rock and roll. It's going to be a tough few days to start as we head towards Tring. Lots of big heavy locks so if anyone is at a loose end and wants a free boat trip in the next few days we would welcome you with open arms!!!