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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Time flies...

They say time flies when you're having fun and never a truer word spoken. Time for a catch up. When I last wrote we had just finished Stalybridge and the Huddersfield narrow canal. In Stalybridge we met Peter Rawson who was instrumental on the committee to get the Huddersfield canal re-opened. A really interesting and committed guy who works so hard for the good of Stalybridge for no reward other than the satisfaction of knowing that he helps to make it a better place. He's a real canal enthusiast who has never even owned a boat. Heartwarming to know that people like Peter exist. 
Next was the unbelievably beautiful Peak Forest canal. Probably the prettiest but also one of the trickiest canals as it is very shallow and we kept grounding. But it was worth it to visit the beautifully restored Bugsworth Basin and Whaley Bridge. On a day trip by train from Marple to Buxton we decided to get married!  The event was made all the more memorable by a "special" girl on the train who chose that moment to show us all her new underwear from Primark! 

The Peak forest canal is a bit of a detour so after another slog back to Marple we hit the Macclesfield canal; another very pretty waterway but also quite shallow in places. At the Marple locks festival we met up with Peter Rawson again for a pint or two ! 

Something I was really looking forward to was the journey through Stoke on Trent and visiting some of the potteries. Although there is not much left of the original factories we did find a working 
pottery to visit and several visits to the big names like Royal Doulton and 
Standedge tunnel
Can't remember where but very pretty light!

Marple Aquaduct

Ancient monument Shugborough
Whaley Bridge

Still not quite up to date and in our last two months of travels but that's all for now. Must do better! 

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