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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Radio Stars

We have been moored up in Salthouse Dock in the centre of Liverpool for almost a week. In our travels, everyone we have spoken to has told us what a great place Liverpool is, so we have been really looking forward to this visit. There is certainly plenty to do even if you don't like The Beatles! Museums and art galleries, historic buildings galore and, of course, there are the pubs. All within walking distance. 
We have done some of the touristy things. The Cavern Club was great. Not the original but has been rebuilt in the same road and feels quite atmospheric. Hoping to see a good Beatles tribute band there before we leave. 
We have also been up St. John's beacon which houses Radio City. It was a good clear day so got some good shots. 

The weather has been pretty bad all week but today the sun is shining and it looks so different. We made the most of the good weather by.....
rubbing down and painting the scratches! 
While we were working we were approached by two guys from a radio station who interviewed us about our life 
on the boat. They were looking for  stories about Liverpool. We chatted to them for ages and they recorded everything, including some sound effects like the engine running, the horn sounding and chains rattling. They even recorded John playing guitar and   singing. Thank heavens it was for radio and not a TV crew, as we were in our scruffs and must have looked a         sight!  Sadly they were from a Swiss radio station so we will probably never hear the broadcast although they did promise to send us links to the programme. Not sure I want to hear it actually. They asked John to read something in French. I'm sure it was so they could have a good laugh at the accent!! 
One more day here then back to London for a wedding. It's all go! 

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