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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Reflections on Liverpool

Can't believe it's been a month since I wrote but have to admit I lost the will to live with it after I dropped my brand new iPhone 6 into the canal and lost all my recent photos except those that I had put on the blog or facebook. That should really have spurred me on to keep up to date but somehow didn't. Anyway, here we are a month after leaving Liverpool. I did start to write about our initiation into Liverpool .....

 It didn't start too well. You have to book an assisted passage into Liverpool. This is mainly because there are a few swing bridges on busy roads, so you travel in a convoy of boats to minimise the number of times the bridges are opened and hence the disruption to traffic. We also worried whether  it was anything to do with safety, given Liverpool's reputation. This fear was realised at the second of the four locks as you enter the city. There were police frogmen in the lock and we had to wait while they hauled what looked suspiciously like a body bag out of the canal! The "package" was bundled into a police ambulance parked nearby. I did ask our CRT escort if it was a body but this was strenuously denied. I didn't believe him. We nervously 

The rest of our stay was really good fun. It is quite hard to get away from the Beatles and we did visit john Lennon and Paul McCartney 's houses which have been restored to the period when they were living there. And done very well by the National Trust. Yoko Ono bought the Lennon house and bequeathed it to the NT knowing the it would be properly preserved and visited respectfully. 

Where John Lennon grew up with his aunt
Room with a view at Tate Liverpool. 

On the way out we passed through Parbold and caught up with my old friend Jane and her (fairly new) husband Ian. Lots of laughs and reminiscing over lunch and a few glasses of wine which went on into the evening. Hic. Jane's children were quite young when she left Harrow and look at them now!
Toothy grins!!

Manchester was next on the itinerary and we had a visit from our friend David from Wales. Another wild night followed. Hic. This is beginning to be a habit😊

Not quite up to date yet but will publish this now and write more tomorrow. 

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